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We make sure you have all the tools you need to reach your social media goals in the easiest way possible, saving you time for more important things

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See how all your content is scheduled throughout the day

FeedHive clearly shows you all your content in a calendar view so you can make sure you can reach your audience exactly when you need to.

Create a recurring Posting Plan

Remembering which times get the most visibility on different days is difficult. FeedHive’s Posting Plan enables you to schedule your content automatically by a press of a button.

Everything you need to grow an audience

Schedule Threads

Create rich and valuable threads with FeedHive's comprehensive thread composer. Schedule your threads to deliver at the perfect time.

Categorize with labels

FeedHive makes it easy to manage different kinds of content by allowing you to categorize with labels.

Automatic retweet

Harvest extra engagement by allowing FeedHive to automatically retweet your content.

Recurring Posting Plan

FeedHive’s Posting Plan enables you to schedule your content automatically by a press of a button.

Inspiration Templates

Avoid writers block! Access +300 ready-made templates to draw inspiration from.

Automatic Text Splitting

Copy-Paste your text directly into the editor and FeedHive will find the best way to split it into a thread.

Measure and analyze how you're tracking

Understanding how you're tracking on Social Media helps you increase the impact of your content, and grow faster. With FeedHive, actionable metrics are always only a few clicks away.

Categorize content to engage more effectively

In order to grow you need to be creating different types of content. FeedHive makes this easy by allowing you to categorize your scheduled content.

Your happiness is our goal

We love giving you all the features you might need but it’s our mission to make sure that you’re able to get the most out of your social media accounts without any frustration, and the icing on the cake, it only costs a few dollars a month.

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This software is exactly was I looking for. I already planned to build something similar on my own to automate the process of distributing my content on social media platforms. FeedHive solves exactly my problem, is intuitive and easy to use.

Michael Hoffmann


FeedHive is the best app to trust when it comes to scheduling tweets. Using FeedHive my presence online has increased and nowadays has become a must have in my daily use. It’s an app that brings control of your future tweets into your present I totally recommend it.

Luc Constantine


FeedHive solves some of twitters biggest problems, as well as provides amazing features. You can schedule threads and see saved drafts on all devices, but on top of that you also have a nice intuitive calendar where you can see your tweet schedule. Absolutely amazing tool!

Tadas Petra


FeedHive has improved my content creation workflow and Twitter experience immensely. Prior to FeedHive I had been searching for a product that did thread scheduling and none seem to fit. However, FeedHive changed this! FeedHive does everything I need and more, within one month of using it I doubled my Twitter followers and have had more engagement than ever before.

Coner Murphy


Handling my Twitter account was very time-consuming, specially as as I'm trying to grow my account, FeedHive allows me to easily manage my posts allowing me to focus on the content

Juan Cruz Martinez


Since using FeedHive, I've found myself able to focus more on the content of my tweets because this scheduling is taken off my mind. When I feel inspired, I can easily schedule and view plenty of tweets without the click fiesta of Twitter's native scheduling tool.

Anna McDougall


From 2 to 20 million impressions using FeedHive. Content creation became the cake walk for me after I have start using FeedHive. The best part is now I don't have to write tweet in a one single go. I can recycle them, edit them and save them for further modifications. I love it and you will, I guarantee



FeedHive is a real game changer! I have tried several platforms before, but I find FeedHive definitely the best of all. Smooth user experience, unique features (such as labels) and the clean layout are just some of the many amazing things that FeedHive offers. Given all of its benefits, I can not really imagine my content creation life without it anymore. And its price is dirt cheap.

Daniel Moka


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