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How To Use A Social Media Post Planner For Maximum Efficiency

In this article, we'll show you a few ways to leverage a social media post planner.

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Every minute counts at work. So having well-planned time results, among others, in better efficiency, employee satisfaction, and customer happiness. What’s more, if you're doing social marketing, you know that scheduling your activities in this medium can be faster and easily simplified by using a post planner, for example.

Do you ever feel like you're constantly running behind schedule with your social channels? If so, you need to learn how to use a post planner. In this article, we'll show you a few ways to leverage a social media post planner.

What is a Social Media Post Planner?

A post planner is a planning tool that helps organize your posts on social profiles.

It allows you to create a schedule and track your progress. This can help you stay on top of your goals and achieve them more efficiently. Thanks to this tool, you can design and bulk schedule multiple posts at once.

As it can be challenging to keep an active social media presence without powerful tools, you should consider using social media calendar. Such a type of software helps you manage and schedule top-performing content to reach more followers and increase engagement.

A post scheduler is an invaluable tool for managing, organizing and planning your posts.

Thanks to this tool, you can simply schedule your activity on your social media profile. In addition, you can see very clearly how the next week/month/quarter/etc., is going to look like. But you can create an annual plan as well. Thanks to this view, you are able to see more details that previously escaped you.

For example, you may find that you wrote a similar post a month ago, so there's no point in duplicating the exact content once again. Or you may notice that a post from two weeks ago is no longer relevant, so it should be updated.

The best way to use a social media calendar is to divide your posts into specific days or weeks. This will help you to keep track of when you need to write each post and also make sure that each post is written at the right time.

Benefits of Using a Post Planner

Increased Efficiency

Using this tool results in an increase in your productivity. Therefore, you can create more posts per day or posts per profile. With a post scheduler, you can more easily stay on track and achieve your goals. In addition, you can see what's ready and what needs improvement so that you can take quick optimization action.

With such a calendar, you can schedule posts faster, write relevant content, generate hashtags, set publication times, change descriptions, etc.

Ease of Use

A post planner is easy to use and can be customized to your needs. Many of them are simple and require little time to set up. This makes them ideal for busy people who want to stay organized and focused.

Therefore, you don't have to focus on setup or installation issues because most systems are cloud-based. Forget about Google Drive too. Instead, the key is just to know the tool and its list of features to know which ones are most useful for your business. So, remember to choose an intuitive interface that is easy to use because the point is that the software you choose should make your life easier and not bring you problems.


A social media scheduler helps you keep your posts organized and concise. This can make it possible for you to share content that is relevant and engaging. In addition, everything you need to publish content is in one place, so you don't need more tools.

Also, having a planner at your fingertips will help you stay focused and productive. With such a single platform, you will improve the workflow of your social media team. You can distribute the work among your employees and not deal with everything yourself. All you need to do is create additional accounts or give access to your team members so that they, too, can co-create posts on social media channels.


By using a post planner, you can develop a more creative approach to social presence. With such social media management platforms, management becomes even more enjoyable, so it allows you to boost your creativity. Your head doesn't worry about the hassle of unlimited scheduling posts yourself, finding content, saving posts for later, etc. It frees you from worry and lets you focus on more enjoyable tasks.

Additionally, by creating specific goals for yourself, you can ensure that you write creative and exciting content for posts for your readers.

After all, if a task becomes more enjoyable, you work better with it. And as a result, this can help you stand out from your competitors and attract new followers.

Improved Quality of Work

Combining all these benefits, you can pretty much conclude that a post planner helps improve the quality of all your work. In addition, it can help you live a more fulfilling life by helping you stay on track and in control.

Maybe you've ever felt that your social agency team is missing something, something that would improve your workflow. And you may have wondered about the post calendar. Perhaps it was the very tool you were missing? Or you already know it, that's why you were looking for the right platform for your business, and today you came across FeedHive.

If so, great, because that's precisely what we are here to help you with.


Ways that you can use a post planner

To create a schedule

Creating a schedule can be a daunting task, but with the help of a post organizer, your business profiles will be easier to manage. By using such programs, you can create an effective and efficient plan that will help you reach your posting goals.

Such a calendar performs functions like other calendars. Still, it is dedicated only to your social media activity so that it will show you all your scheduled actions on business profiles on social channels.

To track your progress

A post planner can be a great way to track your progress and stay organized. By creating a timeline for your posts, you can be sure that you are giving your readers the information that they need in a timely manner. Additionally, you can customize your performance to fit their specific needs by using social media content types they like.

To plan your posts on a regular basis

If you want to post regularly on your social media account, then using a post planner is the way to go. A posting schedule helps you plan your posts in advance, so you can avoid the rush and ensure that each post is well-written and relevant.

There are many different types of post schedulers available online or in stores, so find one that best suits your and your typical customers - you can then reach out to them to build an active audience. Some popular options include photos, single images, videos, carousels, stories, or other promotional material. Experiment with different types until you find one that works best for you.

To manage your social accounts

If your agency is like most agencies, you have at least one social media account - and likely many more to manage. But managing all of those accounts can be a challenging task. That's where a post planner comes in handy.

A post calendar is an online tool that helps you plan and execute posts, making it easier than ever to keep your social media accounts running smoothly.

To improve your social strategy

A post planner can help you to organize your thoughts and plan your posts in a more efficient manner. This will help you to create different types of content that are both interesting and useful to your followers, which will, in turn, increase the reach and engagement of your social posts.

How to Use a Post Planner?

Choose a System and Set a schedule

First, find a system that suits you and set a schedule. Choosing the right system, it's not easy. You must think about your social profile needs and many basic and advanced features like calendar feature, business analytics, content features, etc. When you know what you want, make a decision. This way, you can stay on track and avoid wasting time or resources on tasks that aren't your priorities.

A proper post calendar can help solve these problems.

First, find a system that suits you and set a schedule. Choosing the right system it's not easy. You must think about your social profile needs, and many basic and advanced features like:

  • calendar feature,
  • business analytics,
  • content features,
  • alternative text options,
  • social sharing,
  • etc.

When you know what you want, make a decision. This way, you can stay on track and avoid wasting time or resources on tasks that aren't your priorities.

Plan your posts in advance

Planning your future posts in advance can help you save time and ensure that your content is delivered to your followers promptly. By creating a post plan, you can set a date for when you want to publish social media content and make sure that each post is well-planned and well-executed.

In addition, by following a post organizer, you can avoid postings or rushing your work at random times. Instead, create an outline of each post and then work from there. This will help you produce high-quality content that will engage your followers.

Stay on top of your goals

One of the best ways to stay on top of goals in your social business plans is to use a post scheduler. It’s important as such a tool allows you to reach your dream business goals faster. In addition, the plan will help you stay organized and focused. You can also stay on top and avoid delays with a post planner.

Avoid overlap and wasted time

It is possible to avoid overlap and wasted time using a post planner.

When using a post calendar, it is essential to keep track of what is due when in order to prevent overlap. Additionally, it is vital to use the correct type of planner for the task at hand in order to maximize efficiency. As a result, using a post calendar can help you avoid procrastination and move forward.

Get organized and stay focused on your goals

A post planning can be a great way to stay organized and focused on your goals. Any distractions are less impactful because you have a clear plan and goal in front of you. So, by creating a plan and sticking to it, you will be able to achieve your goals more quickly and with less stress.

Track your progress over time

A post scheduler is a great way to track your progress over time. You don't have to worry about other responsibilities like tracking post performance because many software will do it for you. By keeping a record of what you have done and when you can better manage your time and stay on track.


How to pick the best social media post planner?

Determine your goals

So, before you create a post planner, you first need to determine your goals.

For example, do you want to increase brand awareness, attract new customers, create social campaigns or create positive relationships with your followers? Take your time to decide. Once you have determined your goals, use the following steps to create a plan that will help you achieve them.

Choose a post planner that fits your needs

There are many different social media scheduling tools on the market, and it can be challenging to decide which one is right for you.

Some planners and social media management apps focus on a specific social platform, while others are general and can be used on various channels. It is crucial to choose a calendar that fits your needs and preferences, as well as the needs of your business. Some planners include templates for popular social media platforms, while others offer more flexibility.

It is also important to consider how often you will need to update your posts to find easy-to-use software.

Pick the right tools for the job

Choosing the right social media management tools for the job can make all the difference in how efficiently you can complete your task. When choosing a social media publishing calendar, consider many aspects, including; advanced analytics, what type of social media content you will be posting, and your target audience. Additionally, consider which scheduling tools will best help you track your progress and measure results.

Assess your current social strategy

Business owners can be unaware of where to start when publishing. Whether you're new to the platform or have been using it for years, there are always new ways to use social channels and methods to improve your current strategy. First, however, to get the most out of your posts, you need a plan.

A post planner can help social media marketers assess current strategies and ensure that all of their posts are working together towards a common goal. This visual planner will also help them track which posts are getting the most social media engagement and see what kind of scheduling content is resonating with their followers. So, by taking these steps, you'll be able to create more effective and engaging social posts that will keep your followers interested!

Why Feedhive is your ultimate post planner

Now you know far enough about post planners, but you still don’t know anything about FeedHive, and we want to change that. So, are you ready to dive even faster into marketing automation?

FeedHive is a powerful AI and all-in-one social media posting/scheduling tool with an intuitive user interface for managing your social media performance. It has an excellent post scheduler inside, an analytics dashboard, and more. FeedHive gives, for example, access to marketing managers for many useful functions. Our advanced features let you create, publish and easily manage your social media content, so building engaging posts is no more trouble.

With FeedHive social media managers can see in real-time what's going on and how your content streams. You can plan posts and publish them on:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, and Google My Business will be here soon too.


Take advantage of features in FeedHive. Planning posts with our tool makes your work easier, enhances organization in the team, boosts your creativity, and increases your efficiency. This affordable option is great for individuals and every company size; small, medium, or big agencies.

Also, if you are looking for a comprehensive social media tool, try FeedHive, as it gives you also many additional features:

  • +300 built-in post templates,
  • evergreen posts recycle possibility,
  • hashtags generator,
  • Instagram carousels and grid preview,
  • automatic retweet,
  • post conditions feature,
  • publishing features,
  • advanced analytics.

What to say more, don't hesitate, just bet on FeedHive - our trial period and pricing plans will encourage you to make this decision.

To sum up

In conclusion, a social media post planner can help you be more efficient, creative, organized, and successful when posting to your various social profiles. By knowing what events are coming up and having a plan in place, you can ensure that your posts are well-timed and relevant.

Gain a new audience with content on your unique social platforms. Improve your social media marketing campaigns with our social media management software - take advantage of FeedHive and keep your posts under control!


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Megan Pierce

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