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Resetting Twitter connection

How to re-establish the connection between your Twitter account and FeedHive
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Andreea Buzea

Head of Operations

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2 min read

Sometimes you'll need to disconnect directly from Twitter since re-authenticating using FeedHive alone won't work. The connection is effectively reset by doing this.

  1. Go to your Twitter account, choose More from the dashboard's left panel, and then select Settings and Privacy from the list that appears.

  2. Under the Data and Permissions section, choose Apps and Sessions.

  3. After that, a list of applications should appear. Click Revoke Access next to FeedHive.

    Return to FeedHive and try refreshing your Twitter account once more, making sure to agree to all of the permissions.


    • How to add multiple Twitter accounts?

      Go to Twitter, sign out, and sign back into the new account. Go back to FeedHive and add Twitter. Twitter automatically picks up the currently signed-in user.

    • Many tweets are missing from my Twitter threads that I imported. Is there a way to get them to synchronise again?

      When we do account syncing, we use Twitter's API to retrieve all latest tweets. Unfortunately, sometimes Twitter's API doesn't deliver all subtweets in a thread, and the imported thread appears "broken". It's not something we have a solution for at the moment.
      We're working on both importing posts manually from CSV and importing tweets/threads manually by giving FeedHive a URL. So soon we will have a fix for this. Right now, unfortunately, we cannot fix it.