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October, 2021 - Product Update ☀️

We released a lot of new features, improvements, and bugfixes in October. Let's get an overview of what's new.
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Simon Høiberg

CEO & Founder

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New Features

Hashtag generation (using AI)


On of the new tools that we added is a tool for hashtag generation. With this tool, use FeedHive's AI to analyze your post and generate relevant hashtags.

It's even going to factor in hashtags that are currently trending on different platforms

Predict Performance (using AI)


We trained an AI model on more than 100,000 posts from FeedHive 🚀

This AI can now give a quite accurate prediction about how well your post is going to perform!

Post conditions

Are you ready to plug?!

With FeedHive's new feature, Post Conditions, you can create advanced conditional posting behavior with a few clicks.

Read more about post conditions here.

Integrations with Unsplash and Snappify


You can now add stock photos from Unsplash directly from FeedHive. Never miss a chance to make your post more eye-popping with some great photos!

We also added a new integration with Snappify, which allows you to create beautiful code snippets directly from FeedHive.

Tools + stage


We got a lot of feedback from users who were a bit unsatisfied with the widgets on the new compose page.

Some found that they were too interrupting - yet, other's were frustrated that they had to go all the way to the sidebar to access the inspiration widget, for instance.

As we have a lot of new widgets (we call them tools) in the pipeline, we also understand how the compose page might end up a bit crowded.

So we introduced a new solution! From now, all tools are listed under the Tools panel to the right, and you have the ability to add them to your stage.

Now, you can add exactly the tools you use and remove the rest. You can also resize them, drag them around, and specialize the compose page to your needs.

Analytics available for Facebook & Instagram


Basic analytics is now available for both Facebook and Instagram.

Before you can start using these, you may need to re-authenticate your social provider.

  • Go to the Socials page.
  • Click on the menu icon (...) on the top right corner of the social provider.
  • Choose "Re-authenticate" and go through the login flow.

Add team members to workspaces


Yes!! That's right - you can now invite team members to your workspace 🚀

It has NEVER been easier to collaborate or get external help with your social presence - without losing control of your channels.


New media uploading experience

We redesigned the way you upload media.
Now, you can access multiple integrations like Tenor GIF, Unsplash and Snappify from the same place.

You can now also access previously used media for ease.

Bugfixes and improvements


  • Better (more accurate) recycle suggestions
  • Bringing down post delay
  • Improved select-input for timezones
  • Better safeguards to prevent API incompliant posts


  • Timezone related issues (again)
  • Tooltip getting stuck on the screen
  • Threads being cut in half on Twitter
  • Slow composer when using many images


  • Improved way of cross-posting
  • Integration with Canva
  • Integrations with YouTube and TikTok
  • More amazing AI features
  • Improved collaboration experience for teams

Stay tuned 🚀