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November, 2021 - Product Update 🍂

We released a lot of new features, improvements, and bugfixes in November. Let's get an overview of what's new.
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Simon Høiberg

CEO & Founder

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New Features

Integration with BrandBird

FeedHive now integrates with BrandBird, which - alongside Unsplash, Snappify, Canva and Tenor - gives you even more creative possibilities.

With BrandBird, you can give your existing images that final touch - check out the video above, and see how easy it is!

Split posts into different versions


You can now split a post into different versions - for example, you can can create a version specifically for LinkedIn, while the rest goes to Twitter and Facebook.



FeedHive now supports first-comment, which means that - besides Twitter threads - you can add a first comment to your post on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

Posting video on LinkedIn

Ohh yes! We've been waiting for LinkedIn to open their API for video uploads.

They did - and we quickly got it implemented, so you can now post videos directly from FeedHive.

Canva integration

We started integrating Canva, but meanwhile, Canva temporarily stopped accepting applications for the English version of their API 😭
They left us stuck with their Chinese version, which was the only one left open.


We reached out to the Canva team, but they couldn't give us a time frame to opening their English API.

So... We went ahead and asked our community if we should move forward with the Chinese Canva integration until we get access to the English version, and almost 40% of our users voted yes to this.


So - as anticlimatic as it may sound - we now support Chinese Canva in FeedHive.

You can essentially do the same as with the regular Canva integration, but you will get suggested templates in Chinese here and there.

Public Roadmap

A lot of our users have been asking for a public roadmap.

We now have that available in a Trello board here.


Cross-posting behaves slightly differently

Since we now support both splitting a post into different versions and first-comments, we've slightly changed the way that cross-posting behaves. In particular, this means, that if you cross-post between Twitter and any of the other socials, a thread will no longer be concatenated into one post. Instead, split the post into multiple versions, and edit according to your needs.

Bugfixes and improvements


  • Link previews in extended calendar events
  • Faster routing due to better in-app caching


  • Issue with GIFs being limited to 5MB
  • Follower analytics widget looking "messy" in Safari
  • Many notifications pushing layout off
  • Scrollbar appearing on top of Snappify in Safari


  • Reordering of post previews.
  • Integration with YouTube.
  • Comments and discussions on posts (for teams).
  • Analytics reports.

See more on our Public Roadmap

Stay tuned 🚀