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The Ultimate Guide to Scoring Marketing Internships

In this guide, we will walk you through the process of finding and applying for marketing internships. This guide will help you land your dream internship!
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Simon Høiberg

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Nowadays, a good degree is not enough to secure a coveted graduate job offer. When it comes to building a successful career, relevant work experience is just as valuable as a degree and exam results. Therefore, internships have become an essential way for candidates to distinguish themselves.

So you want to score marketing internships? It's great! And it's not as hard as you might think. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of finding and applying for marketing internships. This guide will help you land your dream internship!

Why Starting Off with a Marketing Internship is a good idea?

There are a few reasons why starting off with a marketing internship is a good idea. First, it gives you the opportunity to learn about the industry from the inside out. This means that you’ll be able to develop your skills and knowledge in an area that is important to your career path. Above all, you will gain practical knowledge, which is extremely important for further work and growth. 

Additionally, internships can help you build relationships within the industry. 

When you have contacts in place, it’s easier to find work after graduation. It will also be easier for you to do your job because you can learn a lot from your colleagues and use their knowledge in future tasks. You are more likely to grow as a professional if you meet other professionals who share your interests. You will learn how these individuals work, how they handle difficult situations, and how they accomplish their goals.

After such a course, you can also obtain a certificate that will certify your acquired skills and will be recognized among other companies.

A marketing internship will also help you understand if this path is really for you. It often turns out that marketing is not what you want to do in life, or on the contrary - you are even more sure of your goal! Such an internship will also help you choose the specialty that interests you the most. It can be, for example, content marketing, social media marketing, and many more.

What are the Duties of a Marketing Intern?

Research and Compile Data on a Company or Product

There is no one definitive answer to this question, as the best way to score marketing internships will vary depending on the specific company and position you are applying to.

However, in order to compile data on a company or product, interns may need to research the brand or its offer. This could involve reading articles, watching videos, or even visiting the company's website. It is also possible to compare the company with the competition to see how it fares in the market. Finally, once they have gathered information, they may need to organize and analyze it in order to produce accurate and reliable data. This is where special tools help inexperienced trainees cope with the task.

Create And Execute Marketing Plans

A marketing internship can provide you with the skills and experience you need to create and execute marketing plans. During your internship, you may work on projects that focus on developing or executing a new marketing strategy, designing and implementing a targeted marketing campaign, or analyzing customer data. In addition to developing marketing planning and execution skills, an internship can also give you exposure to different business areas and allow you to build relationships with key players.

Analyze Consumer Behavior

Internship candidates must be able to analyze consumer behavior in order to score marketing internships. This includes understanding how consumers make buying decisions, what motivates them, and how they interact with brands. Candidates must also be able to understand the different channels through which a brand can reach consumers and what type of message will resonate with them most. So they need to be familiar with the internet, social media, traditional media, email, etc., at some level.

Generate Ideas For New Product Development

Interns in marketing are often tasked with coming up with new product ideas. This is a great option because there are never too many fresh ideas and very often, they hit the nail on the head. One way to generate ideas is to take a look at what your competitors are doing and see where you can improve upon their offerings. 

Additionally, consider looking into customer feedback and data to help you better understand what people want and need. Customer opinions and recommendations are a valuable source of information on what is really worth improving and what to focus on. It allows you to select priorities and deal with the most important matters at the beginning.

Research, Evaluate, And Monitor Advertising Campaigns

Internship candidates interested in scoring marketing internships should be familiar with research, evaluation, and monitoring advertising campaigns. In order to properly conduct research, interns should have a solid understanding of the different methods used to collect data. Evaluation involves determining the effectiveness of a marketing campaign and monitoring is keeping track of how a campaign is performing over time.

Create And Execute Customer Service Plans

Another common task is to create and execute customer service plans. This involves identifying customer needs and developing a plan of action to address them, as well as monitoring customer satisfaction levels. In this way, you can help the customer service department because you provide them with extra help in working with the company's client. 

In addition, by doing this, you can make sure that you are contributing to customer satisfaction. As a result, they continue to use your offer, recommend products or services, and share positive experiences on social media.

Design Marketing Materials

Designing marketing materials can be a challenge, but also fun! Such materials need to be visually appealing, but also informative and helpful. They need to be easy to understand and capture the user's attention. They also must be simple to create and convey a complex message. The goal is to create marketing materials that help your business achieve its objectives. There is no need for complicated graphics. The aim is that they should be easy to understand and identify with the company. You can also create videos for Facebook, TikTok, Instagram Reels, etc. Here you can get even more imaginative!

How to Get a Marketing internship?

Research Internship Programs

Internship research can be a daunting task, especially if you don't know where to start. Fortunately, there are many resources available to help you find the right program. The best way to start is by doing your homework and consulting with an experienced professional.

Many universities provide cooperation with companies, so maybe you will find an offer for yourself there? You can also search on social media such as Facebook or LinkedIn. There are also special internet forums designed for those looking for a marketing internship. There are a lot of such places!

Contact Internship Programs

Once you have a list of potential programs, the next step is to evaluate each one based on your specific interests and skills. You'll want to look for programs that match your skills and interests, as well as those that have good reputations and offer growth opportunities.

Finally, make sure to contact the program directors or coordinators to ask about the internship experience and what kind of training or support is available. They will be able to tell you about the program's culture and what to expect during your stay.

Apply to Selected Internship Programs

Internship programs can be a great way to gain experience in your desired field and meet other professionals in that field. However, before you start applying, it is important to know what types of internships are available and which ones are the best for you.

There are many different internship programs to choose from, so it can be hard to know where to start. The best way to find the right program is to investigate different options and then submit an application to the programs that interest you. You can also use this guide to help you apply for internships.

Interview with Internship Program

Internship programs are an essential way for businesses to find talented young professionals. They offer interns the opportunity to learn about a specific industry or field and gain experience in a working environment.

When interviewing interns, it is important to ask questions to help you determine their skills and abilities. You should also ask about their goals and motivations for interning, as well as their experience with the industry or field they are interested in. Finally, be sure to ask about any previous internships they have had.

What Skills Do I Need for a Marketing internship?

Strong writing and communication skills

A good way to score an internship in marketing is to have strong writing and communication abilities. This means being able to write clearly, concisely, and persuasively. There is a lot of software to make your writing easier, but you need to know the basics because sometimes you will be on your own. It also means presenting your ideas confidently and convincingly in a meeting or interview. Coping with stress is important too because sometimes you will be working in such conditions.

An excellent way to score marketing internships is by looking for organizations that value strong writing and communication skills. Interns who can write well and clearly, as well as communicate effectively, are in high demand and will be appreciated by their employers.

Knowledge of marketing research methods

Many marketing interns seek to gain a thorough understanding of marketing research methods in order to be successful in their internship. While not essential for all internships, gaining a solid knowledge of research methods can help you develop effective strategies and track results more effectively. In addition, understanding the various techniques and approaches used in marketing research can help you better appreciate the complexities of the field.

Initial experience with advertising campaigns

It is important to have an initial experience with advertising campaigns in order to score marketing internships. Interns who are familiar with the basics of advertising campaigns will be better prepared to work on complex projects. Additionally, interns who are aware of the basics of how advertising works will be better prepared for positions in the marketing or communications departments.

Knowledge of business strategy

When it comes to scoring marketing internships, having a strong knowledge of business strategy is essential. This includes understanding how your company operates, what its goals are, and how to best reach those goals. Not only will this help you land the perfect internship, but it will also give you the skills you need to stay on track in your career path.

Knowledge of digital marketing tools

Digital marketing tools are essential for any marketer. If you don't have a strong understanding of these tools, your internship may not be as successful as it could be. In order to get an internship in digital marketing, you should have a strong knowledge of social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and website design/development. You should also know specific industry phrases to understand how to communicate in a team.

Moreover, knowledge of tools such as FeedHive is a must when applying for an internship as well as during the internship itself. 

Having knowledge of such software can make you stand out from the crowd, as this way you show that the world of digital marketing really is nothing new to you.  

Knowing FeedHive will also enrich your practical knowledge as you will see:

  • what to watch out for when working in social media,
  • how social media tools work, 
  • how important such tools are,
  • the impact they have on social media performance,
  • etc.

Additionally, many tools like FeedHive have blogs, and you'll get a lot of practical advice from those too.

Proven experience working in a marketing or advertising environment

If you have experience working in a marketing or advertising environment, you will be well-equipped to succeed as an intern in this field. It will really help you get your dream internship. You will have a strong understanding of how businesses operate and the various strategies that are used to attract and retain customers. In fact, you will be prepared for work to some extent. Additionally, working in an environment where creativity and innovation are key factors will give you the skills necessary to thrive in a marketing internship.

In order to gain hands-on knowledge in your field, you need experience because working as a young graduate is a vital part of your career development. Employers today rely heavily on resumes that demonstrate relevant work experience, whether it's from a job, volunteer work, or internship. That's why getting experience for your CV as soon as possible is crucial. An office job with a large company is not the only way to gain experience; working in a small company or as a freelancer counts too. 

Knowledge of social media platforms

Internship seekers should be familiar with popular social media platforms to help improve their chances of getting a marketing internship. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are essential for any marketer looking to stay updated on the latest trends and developments. 

In addition, internships that involve working with clients or customers may require knowledge of different customer service strategies and platforms.

Excellent data-driven decision-making skills

One of the most critical skills for a marketing intern is excellent analytical skills and data-driven decision-making. This means being able to find the right data to support your arguments and understand how different factors impact consumer behavior. It also means being able to stay on top of changes in the marketplace so that you can make informed decisions about your campaigns.

You also need to know how to work under pressure and why deadlines matter. Internships allow you to learn about the challenges of working in a workplace, which will be valuable in future interviews so that employers can determine if you will be a good fit for their company.

How Much Money Can I Expect to Make as a Marketing intern?

Internships in marketing can be a great way to gain experience and learn about the industry. While your money as a marketing intern will vary depending on the company and position, most interns earn around $10 per hour. If you are looking for an internship that will give you valuable experience, look for jobs that offer paid summer or winter breaks.

How Long Should Your Marketing Internship Be?

There is no definitive answer to this question since it depends on the intern's experience, skills, and goals. However, a good rule of thumb is that an internship should last around three months. This gives the intern ample time to learn about the company and its products/services, as well as develop skills in marketing and project management.

A Few Words of Conclusion

A marketing internship can be a great way to start your career in marketing. You can gain not only real work experience, but also develop the necessary expertise to stand out in a saturated job market. 

It is vital to have skills in writing, communication, and statistics. You should also be able to think critically and problem solve. Although even scoring marketing internships is not easy, it is possible with a little bit of effort. Follow the tips in this guide and you'll be on your way to landing that dream internship.

And don't worry, no one will throw you into deep water right away. What's more, nowadays, there are many tools available to help you work with text, tasks, team, etc. The most important thing is just to try and don't get discouraged. 

If you are looking for any help, don’t hesitate to visit FeedHive and our blog, where you can find many information about digital marketing and social media!