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How to publish TikTok videos

It's time to make a TikTok schedule with FeedHive. Keep your content consistent and your to-do list short.
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Andreea Buzea

Head of Operations

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TikTok is the go-to platform for reaching new audiences on social media. With more than one billion monthly users, it’s no wonder that so many businesses are turning to TikTok to get their content in front of the right people.

But if you’re a busy social media manager or creator, finding time to regularly post on TikTok can be tough. Thankfully, with FeedHive you can prepare, schedule, and automatically publish your TikTok videos!

How can I schedule TikToks with FeedHive?

Thanks to FeedHive, you can now create and schedule TikTok videos that are up to 60 seconds long with just a few clicks! You can upload your video from anywhere and schedule it, and you'll get a notification on your phone when it's time to post your video.

You can schedule a video in a few very easy steps:

  1. Connect your FeedHive account to your TikTok account.
  2. Prepare your Video.
  3. Once you have the video ready, go to the Compose page on FeedHive.
  4. On the right-hand side, choose the TikTok account that you have added to FeedHive from the list of accounts.
  5. When it is time for the video to be posted, you will get a notification from TikTok that lets you know when the video is ready.
  6. Click on the notification to finalize your video by adding elements, sounds, and voice-overs, and finish it up with the caption, tags, and relevant hashtags before publishing it.

If you missed your push notification, you can still publish your TikTok post by going to your TikTok profile and selecting Schedule. Find your TikTok post and tap Post Now.

TikTok video specifications

  • TikTok videos cannot be larger than 200 MB

  • Videos must be in MP4 or MOV format

  • Videos must be 60 seconds or less


  • Why can't I add the caption I wrote in FeedHive?
    Unfortunately, TikTok doesn't allow this yet. But you can save it in FeedHive for when you will get the post notification. Then you just copy + paste it directly into TikTok.

  • Why do I have to manually post my video to TikTok?
    This is one of TikTok's API limitations. However, TikTok has announced that they will allow full access to their API which means that soon you can post your TikTok videos without any push notifications directly from FeedHive.