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Empower content management with FeedHive workspaces

Get more out of FeedHive. Organize your social accounts and content with FeedHive workspaces.
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Simon Grønborg

Former CTO

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Welcome to FeedHive workspaces 👋

When you are done with the article you will know everything there is to know about FeedHive workspaces and what to expect in the future.

FeedHive Workspaces are first and foremost where teams are going to collaborate in the future. Yes, that's right! At the time of writing, workspaces don't support team members just yet. Workspaces are the first of many team and collaboration additions to come in the very near future.

We decided to roll out workspaces now because there are already tons of benefits of using workspaces. We going to cover this a little further down the page.

What is workspaces

A workspace is a separate instance of the FeedHive app. A workspace has its own posts, labels, schedules, socials providers etc. If you are familiar with Slack then you can think of FeedHive workspaces just like Slack workspaces; a place where a group of people can be together privately from everyone else.

The workspace provides a way for you and (soon) your teams to collaborate and work on content in an isolated space so content from different accounts, clients, or brands doesn't get mixed up.

There are many ways of benefitting from using a workspace. A marketing bureau can benefit from organizing different customers into separate workspaces to keep customer content separated.

A single content creator can use workspaces to organize content more precisely or manage multiple social accounts for multiple purposes. e.g. accounts for their dropshipping business or podcast and their private channel can now easily be separated.

How to use

Adding a workspace is straightforward. You find the Add workspace button in the left-hand menu in the app. Once clicked you pick a name and upload the image of choice.

add workspace

Once a workspace has been added you can now shift between the workspace and your private account easily.

Up next

Workspaces are a small part of what is coming for teams and collaboration. Soon you will be able to add and manage teams and team members and collaborate and audit content before posting.

We have much in store and cant wait to share it 📣


  • Where do I add team members

    Workspaces are planned to be the place for teams but right now workspaces are a way to organize content and social accounts. Adding teams is right around the corner.

  • I can't create a workspace

    Workspaces are only available on the brand plan and above. You can read more about limitations in the pricing section.