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Empower content management with FeedHive workspaces

Get more out of FeedHive. Organize your social accounts and content with FeedHive workspaces.
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Simon Høiberg

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With FeedHive workspaces, you can organize and separate your work, collaborate with team members and invite your clients to watch along.

Workspaces are available on our Brand and Business plan.
See all our plans here here.


What is a workspace

A workspace is a separate instance of the FeedHive app.

It has its own posts, labels, schedules, socials providers etc. If you are familiar with Slack then you can think of FeedHive workspaces just like Slack workspaces; a place where a group of people can be together privately from everyone else.

How to use workspaces

Adding a workspace is straightforward.
In the left sidebar, click the little + button. Once clicked you pick a name and upload the image of choice.

add workspace

Once a workspace has been added you can now shift between the workspace and your personal space easily.

Inviting team members

When you are in a workspace you can invite team members to join.

Go to the Teams page by clicking the Teams button in the left menu.

Click Add team member + in the upper right corner.

Now you can invite a member of your team to join, by typing in their email.
If they do not already have a FeedHive account, they will be invited to create one.

add team member

There are two roles you can assign to your team member:

  • Member:
    A member can access and edit all posts, labels, post slots, as well as scheduling and planning content.
    A member cannot add other team members, and cannot edit the workspace settings.
  • Viewer.
    A viewer can access all posts, labels and post slots, but cannot edit, schedule or plan content. The viewer role is ideal for inviting your client to follow along in the process.

Plan limitation in a workspace

The limitations of a workspaces is dictated by the owner of the workspace.
So, for instance, if the owner is on the Brand plan, the workspace will be able to schedule up 500 posts at once (e.g. the limitation of the Brand plan).

A member of a workspace will need to upgrade to a paid plan in order to use FeedHive in their personal space.
But they can still access the workspace without having to upgrade.

The plan of a workspace can be seen from the Dashboard page under "Workspace plan".
This is visible to all members of the team.