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Customizing the calendar

Customize FeedHive's calendar to support you and your teams preferred way of working
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Simon Høiberg

CEO & Founder

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2 min read

FeedHive's calendar features a lot of functionality that can be very handy across various different use-cases.

In this article, we will cover two configurations:

  • Extended calendar events
  • Scheduled drafts

Extended calendar events

The calendar without the extended calendar events feature turned on, will display simple events for a quick overview.

If you turn on the extended calendar events feature, each event will include

  • Image preview
  • Video preview
  • Metadata from included links, such as preview image, title, and description.

You can turn on the extended calendar events feature on the Settings page under the Display settings section.

Scheduled drafts

For some workflows, it might be beneficial to set a scheduled time for a post, but keeping it as a draft.
In this way, you can plan ahead and start scheduling your posts before having them finished.

This is convenient in combination with using post notes to describe or outline the idea for the post.

When the scheduled drafts feature is enabled, we can see the drafts on the calendar, even though they are not finally scheduled.

In order to schedule a draft, simply use the Pick time button under the Scheduled when creating your post, but without clicking the Schedule or Plan button.

You will notice that the post stays in Draft mode, even after you have picked a time for your post.
That's because it hasn't been finally scheduled yet.

Now, go back to the calendar, and you will see the post appearing as a scheduled draft.
When it's ready to be scheduled, simply click Edit and now click Schedule under the Scheduled tab like you normally would.

You can turn on the extended calendar events feature on the Settings page under the Display settings or Workspace settings section.

So, these are 2 ways to customize your calendar in FeedHive.
Different workflows call for different setups - now you can pick the one that works best for you and your team.