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How to create and edit User Templates

Learn how to create and edit User Templates
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Andreea Buzea

Head of Operations

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How to create a User Template

To save a template, go to the Compose page, click the little menu button beneath the editor and select Save as template.

This will add the current text in the editor to your user template collection.

To use the saved template, simply click on the Use Template button.

If you have multiple templates saved, you can either look though them by clicking on the left and right arrows, or you can click on the expand symbol to have an overview of all your templates.

How to edit a User Template

To edit the template, expand the User Templates view and hover above the template you want to edit. Now click on the edit symbol and you're good to go!

Here you can also use or delete templates.


  • Can I copy or move the templates I created in my personal space to the new workspace?
    Unfortunately not at the moment, but this is something we are working on at the moment.