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How to change your main email address in FeedHive

Sometimes, you may want to change your email, password, or you want to make someone else the owner of the FeedHive account.
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Andreea Buzea

Head of Operations

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2 min read

How to change the email and password

You can only change your email and password if you have logged into FeedHive with email+password.

If you logged in with, for example, Google, you can't change the email unless you change it on Google as well.

You can do this if you go to your profile's Settings and edit your Profile User details.

Once you're on the Settings page, click the little Edit symbol under the Profile section.

If you change the email address, remember to click on the small green tick button before you click Save.

This will prompt you to the verification window.

Now you only have to type in the verification code that is sent to your email.

How to change billing information

If you change the ownership of the account, please remember to also change your billing information.

To do this, go to your profile's Settings and click the little i button next to plan.

This will you to your customer portal where you can change your billing email, update payment card, etc.


  • I don't receive the verification code in my email.
    try one more time to change the password, but this time before you click Save, try to click on the green tick button and see if it prompts you to the verification window.