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Product Update - August 2022

Let's look at all the features and upgrades that were added in August 2022.
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Andreea Buzea

Head of Operations

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New features

YouTube Shorts 🥳

YouTube shorts are a great way to get your message out there. They're short, sweet, and to the point. Now you can do it with FeedHive!

We now support YouTube Shorts!

TikTok Integration 🎉

The long-awaited TikTok integration is finally here! Now you can cross-post your Reels or Shorts to TikTok right here on FeedHive.

Shortlinks 🔗

Finding a web link shortener that is optimized for social media marketing and link sharing is important. So why not use it directly in FeedHive?

New Assets Page 📷

We have rolled out an improved way of accessing your assets! On our Assets page, you can now find your Media Library, User Templates, Recycle Suggestions, and soon-to-be Hashtag Management.

Bugfixes and improvements

Improvements 🌟

  • Improved Dark Mode layout
  • Improved video pre-processing
  • Improved layout on compose page

Bugfixes 🐛

  • Images can now be removed from the media library
  • Change email is fixed
  • Variable value overflow
  • Short thumbnail stuck on loading

Upcoming 🚀

  • Integration with Google My Business
  • Triggers (alpha version of FeedHive API)
  • Native iOS/Android App

See more on our Public Roadmap

Stay tuned 🎉