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April, 2022 - Product Update

Let's take a look at all the updates and improves we added in April, 2022
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Simon Høiberg

CEO & Founder

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New Features

Media library 🖼️

FeedHive now features a brand new media library.

It's now much easier to upload and manage your media assets, as well as find personalized suggestions for stock images and gifs - picking from millions of images on Unsplash and Tenor.

Post conditions ⚙️

Post conditions are now supported for Facebook and Instagram as well as Twitter.

On Facebook and Instagram, you can add a conditional comment based on a delay, likes, impressions, and more.

On Twitter, you can queue entire threads with conditions on each subtweet.

Improved analytics 📈

We made some fundemental changes to our infrastructure, which enables more accurate and more "live" analytics.

Previously, most metrics would refresh on a 24-hour period, leaving the overall picture quite "behind".

With these improvements we get:

  • A much tighter refresh rate.
  • More accurate prediction of the best time to post.

Bugfixes and improvements


  • A better way to report issues
  • A better way to reach support
    (Including removing the chat bubble on all pages to make more space)


  • Issue with posts not correctly persisting
  • Duplicate comments on Facebook conditional posts
  • Glitch when uploading multiple images


  • First beta release of iOS/Android app
  • Triggers (alpha version of FeedHive API)
  • Ability to write comments and have discussions on posts
  • Integration with Pinterest

See more on our Public Roadmap

Stay tuned 🚀