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8 Ways To Make Money On Twitter

Twitter is a great tool. It can change your life if used in the right way. Learn how to monetize your Twitter account in this article.

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Building my online presence on Twitter was one of the best decisions I made in recent years. I have grown my Twitter account to ~34K followers in around 15 months.

I’ve got immense opportunities in these 15 months only because of my online presence on Twitter. Opportunities that I never even thought of in my wildest dreams.

A year and a half ago I didn’t think I would be writing paid articles, doing paid partnerships with startups, be part of marketing awesome products like FeedHive. But here I am!

Twitter is a great tool. It can change your life if used in the right way.

Let’s learn about 8 different ways you can make money on Twitter in this article.

8 Ways To Make Money On Twitter

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Info Products
  • Paid Promotions
  • Build an Email List and Upsell Products
  • Freelancing Opportunities
  • Sell Merchandise
  • Sell a Subscription Service
  • Ghostwrite Tweets

Let’s talk about each of them.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the lowest-hanging fruits when it comes to making money on Twitter. Here you basically sell someone else’s product and earn a commission for it.

The idea here is simple. You get a unique link for a course/eBook through affiliate platforms. You then share it with others and for every sale you make you will earn a preset commission.

This is particularly the easiest way because you don’t need to spend time creating your own product. There are already proven products created by others. You just need to know how to promote, drive traffic and make sales.

Many popular companies support affiliate programs these days. Platforms like Udemy, EducativeIO, Gumroad are helping creators and affiliates make money through their programs.

I’ve been making money through affiliate marketing on Twitter for the last 1 year. When I was starting I contacted the creators whose products I loved and asked them to add me as an affiliate. Most of them were very supportive and added me without any questions.

When you share your affiliate links on Twitter you need to drive traffic into your tweet to make sales. Having a large audience will help you make more sales. But it’s not mandatory.

The trick is to go viral and pin your affiliate link as the last tweet if a thread seems to go viral after a couple of hours of posting it. It’s not difficult to go viral on Twitter. Find a niche and provide valuable content in it and anyone can go viral.

Even though I had only a couple of hundred followers when I started I was still able to make around 50$ a week through affiliate marketing.

2. Info Products

As the creator economy is booming, many people are moving towards creating their own businesses seeking freedom from working for someone else.

Creating info products and selling them on Twitter is one of the popular ways now to make good money on the side.

The good thing about info products like eBook, courses is that it takes one-time effort and can you make money for life!

I was inspired when I read the story about Daniel Vassallo who quit his high-paying job at Amazon and went on to make around 300K+ USD by 2 of his courses, promoting them just on Twitter.

Of course, this is not realistic for many of us. But the possibility of making a living just through a couple of eBooks and courses is intriguing.

You may be wondering “I’m not smart enough to write a book!”. Believe me, you are. Everyone is good at something. And you can create a small eBook of around 50 pages and promote it on Twitter.

Unlike affiliate marketing, you will need a loyal audience and a significant follower base to be successful at selling info products. So I strongly believe one should build their audience on Twitter before creating any info product.

I have written a book on the topic How to Start a SaaS Company: A Beginner’s Guide. I have been selling it on Twitter for a couple of months and it’s generating good side income every month with little promotion every now and then.


3. Paid Promotions

A lot of bootstrapped companies and solo entrepreneurs are looking to get the word out about their products and services to as many people as possible.

So they’re constantly looking for influencers on Twitter and other platforms to collaborate. Influencers are making a lot of money through tweets, threads, and articles promoting products.

I know people who are charging around 500$–800$ for a single tweet. I mean 800$ for typing just 280 characters! Just imagine the possibilities of paid promotions if you grow into a huge account on Twitter.

Again, having a loyal audience is needed for companies to consider you for paid partnerships. It takes years of hard work to grow your account. But it’s totally worth it.

Take a look at this article where I talk about how I made a $1000 deal with a company recently.

4. Build an Email List and Upsell Products

Email marketing is still one of the popular ways to sell products and make money on the internet. You may lose your Twitter account one day, but you own the email list that you have, for life.

You can promote literally anything to your email list. Be it a new article, an info product, affiliate link, or a new SaaS product that you’re launching in a week.

Emails still have one of the high click-to-conversion rates. So even if one has a large audience on Twitter, it’s important to leverage it to build an email list.

So how can one build an email list?

Here are some of the ways to build an email list through Twitter:

  • Offer a free eBook through Gumroad and collect emails.
  • Plug a subscribe to newsletter CTA as the next tweet of a viral tweet or a thread.
  • Literally asking people to subscribe to your newsletter to hear more from you.

I personally offer a free eBook on Twitter. I have placed the link to this in my Twitter bio. So all I have to do is drive more traffic to my profile so that people would download the eBook and I get their email.

5. Freelancing Opportunities

I have been freelancing for the past 3 years. Before I started building my presence on Twitter I was only getting clients on Codementor (a freelancing platform).

There are generally a large number of freelancers on these platforms. So it is very competitive to get projects. This meant it was important for me to be active and constantly apply for tasks to get new projects.

But after I’ve started building an audience on Twitter I often get freelancing opportunities without me actively looking. People reach out to me asking for help with their projects all the time.

And that’s great because now people know that I’m an expert on a subject and I can deliver the task without me having to convince them.

6. Sell Merchandise

If you’ve got a good following, selling merchandise is another great way to make money through Twitter. Let’s say you are an influencer in the Machine Learning niche. You can set up an online store and sell custom-made products to your audience.

A lot of companies like TeeSpring, Selify, SpreadShirt are helping people create online stores and sell custom products like T-shirts, mugs, hoodies, etc. You just create an online store, create some custom designs and start taking orders.

They will take care of printing and shipping the products to customers. You don’t have to worry about the inventory or the shipping. You just have to focus on creating a brand, designing products, and marketing them.

Who wouldn’t want to wear that cool T-shirt that says “JavaScript rocks!”, right?


7. Sell a Subscription Service

If you’re an expert in a certain field you can sell a subscription service where people will pay you a monthly fee for the value you provide regularly.

For example:

  1. You can start a paid newsletter on Substack.
  2. If you’re an expert in SEO you can start a paid Discord channel where you provide useful information every week to help with their business, blog, or improve their ranking on Google.
  3. If you’re an expert in stock market analyst you can help people invest and trade in the stock market.
  4. If you know how to write good articles, you can start a paid service to teach people how to write.

The opportunities are just endless. Just try to master a skill and sell your knowledge. Being an expert on a subject and having a good loyal audience on Twitter is enough to make a lot of money.

8. Ghostwrite Tweets

You read that right!

You can make money by writing tweets for other accounts that want to grow on Twitter.

Having a good online presence is really important for any business to grow and scale. So they’re constantly looking for good Social media experts to manage their handles.

But to get hired as a ghostwriter you need to first show that you are a successful Twitter writer yourself. So, build your brand first and focus on getting good engagement on your content.

Once you have a large audience and good engagement on your content, companies reach out to you with offers.

How Can One Build Their Audience on Twitter?

As I’ve repeatedly mentioned in the article, having a good online presence on Twitter can provide you with immense opportunities. Opportunities that you never even imagined.

But how can one start building their audience on Twitter?

A lot of people have already written on this topic and you could start with this awesome article from Catalin Pit, a beloved member of the Twitter tech community.

Tools like FeedHive are really helping creators by making it easy for them to grow on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

Features like scheduling content, publishing with one click, recycling posts, schedule threads, post-conditions just make it very simple to grow on social media platforms.


There are countless ways to leverage a loyal audience on Twitter.

I personally am making money through 5 of the above ways explained. And I never thought I could do this a year and a half ago. All of this is possible now just because I decided to grow my Twitter account.

Provide value consistently to build trust which results in people wanting to buy your products. Tweets that are going viral are a goldmine. Don’t let them go to waste. Add a call to action at the end.

You can take shortcuts, buy followers and likes. But an account with a good engagement is what generates the most money.

As Kevin Kelly says all you need is 1000 true fans to earn a living doing what you love.

Growing their Twitter account has been life-changing for many people. Just decide if you want to change yours today!