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5 Easy Yet Highly Effective Ways to Optimize Social Media Content

In the ever-evolving and competitive world of digital marketing, the quest to optimize social media content isn’t just a luxury anymore; it is a necessity.
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Simon Høiberg

CEO & Founder

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In the ever-evolving and competitive world of digital marketing, the quest to optimize social media content isn’t just a luxury anymore; it is a necessity.

Because let’s face it, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become dominating assets for effective content marketing for the simple fact that billions (yes, billions) of people are active on them across the board every single day.

In fact, just Facebook alone pulls in 1.88B users on a daily basis. What this means for you is that if you want to truly scale and grow your business, you’ve got to head over to the corner of the internet where your audience spends most of their time – i.e., on social media.

But here’s the zinger.

Social media marketing is excellent for engaging with your customers and bolstering brand exposure, but only if you position yourself ideally to rise above the vast competition to make yourself stand out.

In short, tons of business leaders within your industry are fighting for the attention of the same audience as you.

Because of that, learning how to optimize social media content is a critical factor that can skyrocket your chances of campaigning success. And because FeedHive is all about social media marketing success stories, below are some key things you can do right now to make your marketing efforts on social media nothing but a spearheading one.

1. Know Your Audience

If you want to optimize social media content, start with knowing who you are trying to optimize it for. This means doing a deep dive into your target audience, what they want/desire, what demand gaps they are hoping you will fill and tailoring your social media marketing content to address it.For example, if you are an insurance agency looking to onboard new clients, you will likely not have much luck if you are campaigning to kids under 18 who generally do not make those choices just yet.

Overall, the more you know about your audience, the better you can create personalized messages on social media that draw in the right people who will actually be interested in what you have to offer.

2. Ensure Your Brand Matches Your Messages

Take a look at your current social media marketing voice and compare it to your brand image. Do they align? If not, then take some time to work restricting your marketing messages to reflect and mimic your brand voice as a whole. The more balanced you are on this front, the more trustworthy, organized, and appealing you will become in the eyes of your audience.

Furthermore, the more matched and brand-aligned you are with your campaigning, the easier and faster it will be for your audience to recognize your brand on social media against others.

3. Leverage the Power of SEO

Search engine optimization, aka SEO, is not just to drive organic traffic for personal/business websites; it can also massively support social media marketing efforts too.

For instance, when you do your due diligence and research the right keywords or phrases in your industry, it can help platforms like Facebook and Twitter rank your profile higher than others that are lackluster in SEO.

Couple that with quality, authentic content, it can boost your chances of more exposure that translates into real, genuine leads. As a fun tip here, aside from using SEO in your titles and throughout your marketing text, don’t forget about using SEO in your hashtags and backlinks too!

4. Market Consistently, But Not Repetitively

Recycling social media marketing content is a great way to streamline your processes, but proceed with caution here.

According to HubSpot, 21% of people will unfollow you on social media if you bombard them with repetitive content.

To avoid that happening to you, get creative with your approaches when you market and switch things up a bit along the way.

You can still deliver the same message, but get innovative on how you do it. The takeaway here is to keep on a fairly stick marketing schedule across your platforms, but don’t fall into the robotic trap - it will only do more harm than good in the long run.

5. Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing Tools

A lot has changed since those historical chiseling slates days. With the rise of the digital era came a whole inventory of new technologies and social media marketing tools that you can opt for.

From automation, marketing templates to social media platform synchronization, having a social media marketing tool like this on your side could be the low-hanging fruit that sets you up for unmatched success.

Now, there are countless tools that you can go with on this front. But keep in mind that not all marketing tools are created equal here, which is why going with one from a brand you can trust like FeedHive is vital.

Summary – Market Smarter, Not Harder

In summary, social media marketing is a powerful way to advance your business and really pave the way for a growth-driven future.

With the billions of people logging on each day to the keen ability to nail down your target audience with a bit of campaign tweaking, it stands to reason why nearly all businesses across the industry spectrum utilize it to some degree or another.

However, with that comes the reality that the race to optimize social media content has become a dog-eat-dog one that is constantly changing.

Luckily, with the FeedHive social media marketing tool, this fundamental effort is something you do not have to tackle alone.

In the end, a lot is riding on this marketing leg of the business. And if you truly want to optimize your social media content, gain new levels of bottom-line growth, and rise above your competition, then adopting the best practices and using the right social media marketing tools is the sure-fire way to make that successful outcome happen.